The club has members with many years of restoring and enjoying Mustangs under their belts, and we also have members who have just purchased their first pony car and are looking for some guidance and fellowship.  We have seminars and other educational discussions to help preserve and improve our pony cars or to make them run a little faster.

    You can take advantage of the lessons we have learned from the "school of hard knocks".  We can tell you where to get your transmission rebuilt competently, or where to get your convertible top replaced.  If you want to try to "do-it-yourself", we can provide the advice only experience can bring to make the job easier.

    Our members cherish their Mustangs, which range from early model hardtop daily-drivers to brand-new V-6 and V-8 powered pony cars.  We also have members who own some of the more prized Mustang derivatives, such as the early model Shelby and late-model Saleen Mustangs.  Some members are not just for show and also love taking their Mustang to the local race track!  We conduct regular monthly business meetings and get-togethers.  We also participate in various area "Cruise-ins" attended by most car clubs within the Montgomery area.

    If we have piqued your interest or you would like more information about membership or the HODMC in general, please visit the Contact Us section of our site to get started!



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